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How Can I become a coach?

During the last few months it has been repeatedly asked how one may become a coach. The answer to the question is not easy as each country has her regulations and personal background play crucial role. Here we tried to explain the general guideline and the rest should be adjusted according to your personal background and where you live.


If you have been already playing football at professional level, you will be easily offered to participate in courses at the end or in last years of yur career. If not, then you go to your local FA and ask for participating in coaching courses. If you are not a pro player, you may usually start from lower level of education. In Iran, a pro player starts from AFC “C” license and normal participants would participate on FFIRI (Iranian Football Federation) “D” license to be evaluated. At the end of each course, the instructor recommend some participants to FA for higher courses. If you are among them, you may continue your education, but you should also be active as a coach because between each course, you should stop at least 1.5 year and at the end of the time you may report what you have done during the time for training and practices. The report is called logbook and one may clearly shows his daily and weekly activities.

In AFC these are routine courses and as it has been mentioned before you may work one and half year in between of each license.

AFC “C” License

AFC “B” License

AFC “A” License

After A license if you are a top coach, and worked or played on international level, you are eligible to participate on AFC Professional Diploma or as it is simply said Pro-License. This level is highest level for coaching education. The course is usually organized in cooperation with UEFA and is approved by them so the license has AFC/UEFA stamp and logo.

In Europe, one may start from “B” license and may continue afterwards.

In Us however, there are some courses before you participate in main coaching program.


After you possess the license, you may participate in refreshment course in order to be up-to-date and therefore, renew your license. If you get “A” license and don’t participate in refreshment courses annually, your license will be expired. For a Pro-license coach however, you may participate every other year.

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